Sydney Bunnies for Sydney Families

About Us

Our Story

Sydney Mini Lops are a boutique rabbitry based in Sydney’s Central West.

Our interest in rabbits began many years ago. From having family pet rabbits around the house to the excitement of seeing our first Mini Lop babies, our interest soon evolved into a passion to provide the best possible pets to those sharing our love of rabbits. Our goal is to breed healthy and happy kits that we are proud of.

Our Support

The support you will receive from us is very personalised. We are available via phone and email, and will always make time to communicate with you to help you through the bunny adoption process. This support continues after picking up your bunny, and extends throughout your bunny’s entire lifetime.

Before picking up your bunny, we will help to ensure you are fully prepared to take your new family member home. This includes support and guidance for needs related to:

  • Housing
  • Diet
  • Health treatments
  • Desexing
  • Vaccinations
  • Toilet training
  • Grooming
  • Bonding

On pick up day, we spend as much time as needed with each family to clarify any information we have provided, or to answer any new questions you may have. We make the moment that you first meet your new bunny as special as possible, and create a relaxed environment for you to ask questions and learn more about your new family member.

We are here for you well after picking up your bunny. Our support to you continues for as long as you need. People often have health, behavioural, bonding and other questions as time goes on. In most cases, our experience allows us to answer these comprehensively. If we feel that support should be provided by a vet, we will suggest this to you.

In addition, we have developed relationships with many rabbit savvy vets throughout Sydney. If you need, we can recommend a vet in your area that we trust and that has extensive experience working with rabbits and their specific needs. We also regularly work with childcare centres and schools who wish to introduce a rabbit to their learning environments to support the developmental needs of children. Having personal experiences in community services and education, we are aware of the needs of these more complex scenarios. We are willing to work through these complexities and support childcare centres and schools in meeting their wishes.

Our Bunnies

Sydney Mini Lops specialise in high quality, purebred and true-to-type Mini Lops and are associated with state and national rabbit groups. We believe that our kits are given the best start in life. From a young age the kits are handled to ensure they go to their new homes friendly and used to human interaction.

Our kits are also the correct size and shape for their breed. This has been achieved through careful selection of excellent breeding stock. Our rabbits can be considered above and beyond average pet quality.

Our rabbit’s diets include high grade oaten hay, vegetables (celery, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, parsley, mint) and the Sydney Mini Lops Premium Rabbit MixTM.

Buy from Sydney Mini Lops and feel confident your bunny has begun it’s life in a loving and nurturing environment.



Our Rabbitry

We provide the best lifestyle, housing, diet and attention to our breeding rabbits, ensuring they produce healthy kits with great personalities.

They are housed in large, mosquito proof custom built runs that have more than enough room for exercise, relaxation and to raise happy and healthy kits in the most natural way possible. We take particular care when it comes to hygiene by regular maintenance of the rabbits and rabbitry.

A large share of what our bunnies eat is organic and this may contribute to the fact we have had no health problems in our breeding rabbits and their offspring.

Before our mini lops are listed for sale, they undergo a full health check within the rabbitry to ensure they meet their new families in the best possible health.

We offer a lifetime commitment to your bunny

Sydney Mini Lops are a partnership of experienced breeders and rabbit lovers. Under no circumstances do we want any of our bunnies to end up in shelters. We understand that sometimes life may lead you in another direction, so we offer to re-home any bunny purchased through us if you can no longer care for him or her.

Terms & Conditions

  • To ensure the safety of all bunnies, we will only release a rabbit to you, the person purchasing it.
  • We offer no refunds on rabbits, so please ensure you have closely considered your purchase and any issues that could arise related to housing, desexing, challenging behaviours, costs etc, and are certain about your decision.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time if we believe that the bunny may be in any danger eg. an unsuitable housing arrangement or any other situation we deem unsuitable. All buyers must be able to prove they are able to provide the upmost care for the rabbit.
  • Each bunny is released with a care package and a full health check (transitional food, care sheet, flea and mite treatment, worming and nails clipped)
  • We will not release a rabbit until fully weaned from its mother at 8 weeks old. This will secure the rabbit’s health as it enters your home.
  • We provide a high standard of care for our kits before they leave the rabbitry. We expect this standard to continue when they move to their new home. Ongoing support can be provided to owners should you wish to seek guidance. We ensure all kits pass our health check before leaving, however the final responsibility of the bunny’s health remains with the buyer.
  • Due to overwhelming demand, Sydney Mini Lops will no longer maintain a waiting list. Any available bunnies will usually be listed on our Facebook page, or on the Shop page of our website if website traffic is not too high. We are happy to provide the dates and times we expect to make listings. This information will also be detailed on our Facebook page and website.
  • We aim to be accurate in telling you the gender of your bunnies, however do not guarantee that we will always be right with gender at the time of purchase.
  • Our photos are taken professionally, and aim to give you a good idea of what your bunny looks like. Please note that colours will change slightly over time, including areas of the bunny getting darker or lighter. We focus on breeding good typed bunnies in some popular colours, as well as bunnies with good temperament.
  • We do not offer delivery of your bunny. We will organise a time with you to pick up your new bunny from Parramatta, NSW.
  • Interstate buyers are welcome. Transport via pet courier companies to qualified Australian locations is welcome, as organised and covered by the buyer. We’ve established partnerships with reputable and affordable pet courier companies. Please ask if you require support with this. In the case of an interstate transfer, we recommend that a minimum of 2 kits are purchased and transported together as this can be a stressful event for an individual baby bunny.
  • Sydney Mini Lops offer a lifetime commitment to all of our bunnies. This means that we will accept back a bunny that you can no longer care for and attempt to re-home him or her. This is an extreme circumstance and not a regular occurrence, however as we are all rabbits lovers, we equally share a responsibility to care for rabbits throughout their entire lifetime.
  • Further to the above, Sydney Mini Lops occasionally have older bunnies available for adoption. We complete a full health check, and may organise desexing of the bunny before it is released. Please contact us to discuss our adoption fees.