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Bunny Boarding

Bunny Boarding

Please note – Bunny boarding is being suspended indefinitely. The covid period has had a significant impact on our services and as such we believe it is in our best interests moving forward to focus our time on breeding and education support. If services resume we will advise via the website and socials. Thank you for your understanding.

Sydney Mini Lops offer a bunny boarding service. We provide a caring, nurturing and safe environment for your bunny to enjoy whilst you enjoy your well deserved break.

Without exception, your bunny must be vaccinated and proof of vaccination provided to us before booking. This will ensure the health of your bunny, and any other rabbits within our rabbitry at the time. Please kindly note that bunny boarding is a service we provide to a minimal number of rabbits at a time. This allows us to provide the time needed to care for your bunny. Unlike many of the larger boarding services, we don’t use small cages. Your bunny will have the option to free roam throughout the day, or spend time in a large pen, whichever they are most comfortable with. We provide a homely environment for your bunny, and include your bunny as part of our family. Large indoor enclosures are used for your bunny to rest in overnight.

We are currently limiting physical access by people other than ourselves to our house and rabbitry due to recently released viruses. We are happy to provide clear photos of both the indoor and outdoor enclosures your bunny will be housed in, the pens they will exercise in, the toys they will play with etc. This will ensure the health of all bunny’s in our care.

The care of your bunny includes:

  • Large overnight enclosure (1200x600x600)
  • Daily exercise or free roam time in our house or courtyard
  • Selection of rabbit toys and tunnels for your bunny to play with
  • A safety/nesting box within their enclosure to ensure your bunny feels extra safe
  • Unlimited access to oaten hay and water
  • Bi-weekly cleaning of their enclosure
  • Daily health and hygiene checks (nose, ears, coat/condition, genitals)

Customers are required to provide enough pellets for their bunny’s entire stay. It is important that we use your food to ensure there is no change to your bunny’s diet, which will reduce the risk of any digestive issues that may occur due to a sudden change in diet. Also if you bunny has preferred vegetables or snacks, let us know so we can keep your bunny’s diet consistent.


Price / per day:

1 rabbit – $16.00

2 rabbits – $25.00


Drop off and pick up times will be arranged prior.

A deposit is required to secure your requested dates. Full payment is due 14 days before arrival. Payment can be made via bank transfer.

All owners must present proof of current vaccination before boarding.

If your rabbit requires veterinary prescribed medication, kindly let us know at or before drop off. Please ensure you leave a full course of your bunny’s medication, or enough medication for your bunny’s entire stay.

We will seek Veterinary support if we believe your bunny requires medical attention. In this rare circumstance, any costs will be met by the owner.

We are rabbit lovers, and make our priority the care of your pet. In the unlikely event that death should occur whilst your rabbit is with Sydney Mini Lops, we will contact you immediately. All pets are left completely at the owners risk, and Sydney Mini Lops accepts no liability should illness or death occur.